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Zeritu Kebede’s Unique Hair Styles


Zeritu was brought up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where she right now lives. At an early age, her folk’s LP records were her melodic motivations which opened another universe of music.

In the end, the school she went to turned into her first stage to perform and display her ability. Her first open exhibitions at her mid youngsters gave a sign that Zeritu had an extraordinary ability which numerous appreciated.

With the colossal enthusiasm for music she has, Zeritu dependably appeared and demonstrated her commitment to her melodic vocation. In the Ethiopian contemporary setting Zeritu is the thing that ETHIO-HIP in Ethiopia.

Her self-titled introduction collection, ‘ZERITU’ has won the hearts of numerous putting her among the exceptionally most loved specialists in the nation. Her verses that mirror the truth of numerous lives have given her acknowledgment of aesthetic development at a youthful age.